Call it Previews & Predictions Week 1

*Game 1, Deceps vs Goonz @ 6:45pm. RFK.*

The Deceps will take on a new franchise called the Goonz in the first game of Season 14. The Deceps lost Sami and Azfar and brought in Coops aka Man Beast as the replacement who is a force inside. Combined him with Moe B and company, the Deceps are primed for another run.

Their opponent The Goonz are excited to join the competitive division and are led by sharp shooter Ali along with new faces who have yet to be evaluated. However, based on early reports, The Goonz are confident they will make some noise in their inaugural season

The community sees this as a fast paced contest with physical play. Deceps are too experienced to lose this one.

*Score Prediction:* Deceps 52, The Goonz 46.

*Game 2, Halal Bros vs The Firm @ 7:45 pm. RFK.*

Game 2 will feature the champs Halal Bros versus The Firm (former QF) led by Roy and the Apron. Based on the wazzap chatter, this should be an exciting game between two teams who have much admiration for each other.

The game itself we see the Halal Bros doing their thing with Rahi, Sayem, and Nafi. This trio knows their role and play it perfectly. The Firm will push them a bit in the first half with Howard and Apron but it’s hard to go against the champs.

The community predicts the champs to win easily.

*Score Prediction:* HB 57, The Firm 48

*Game 3, SOK vs ABs @ 9:45 pm. RFK.*

The final game will feature last season’s regular season champs Autobots versus the wannabe champs Sons of Khalifa who are a new franchise and come in with a lot smack talk. I guess when you have Sarfaraz and a guy who is 6ft 6 you are confident as any. So we don’t blame Taco’s crunchy confidence.

The community sees the ABs winning led by their Awesome Foursome with Nick, Stan, Darnel, & mvp Rishi. This foursome is lethal as any. While the SOK will push them to the limits with veteran Moe H, Dimitri and the energizer bunny Lee, it’s hard to go against the team that only lost one regular season game last season.

*Score Prediction:* Autobots 60, SOK 53

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