Finals Preview


Match-up: Bandits vs spartans

Time: 7:55 pm

Date: October 3, 2018

Place: RFK, Flushing Queens

Tagline: The CHIP Game – Season 11

Season 11 was another exciting season in CBL Legends.  With so many teams and the competition getting intense, the Legends division showed us some great moments all the way up until the Semifinals.  Now it comes down to two teams who have been around CBL for a long time in various divisions.  The Bandits are the original CBL franchise and would love to win their first ever chip in Legends.

The trio of Riz, Gouhar, and Nabil leads the Bandits while the trio of Mohammad, Sabeen, and the ever so successful Saffi leads the Spartans.  It is the battle of the veterans vs the upcoming veterans.  On paper, it looks as if the Spartans with their speed and killer perimeter shooting are favorites.  However, do not count out the new Bandits team led by Oliver’s resiliency and Parwez’ toughness.

The community expects the contest to be extremely intense and physical.  It will likely get down to the two floor generals in Oliver and Saffi.  While Saffi may have the edge because he is a CBL winner, do not count out Oliver as his poise and will to succeed will give the Bandits an edge they will need to defeat the Spartans.


Both teams have balanced offense and defense.  The Spartans will rely on Saffi’s penetration and Sabeen’s shooting.  On defense, Mohammad, Paul, and Jean will need to keep the Bandits people in check.  For the Bandits, it comes down to how far Oliver takes them.  While Nabil and company are formidable at this stage of their careers, it is unlikely they can carry a team.   Perhaps Bollywood can regain his glory days!

The community sees Spartans winning in a thriller in OT.  Score: Spartans 64, Bandits 60 in OT.

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